Thursday, July 26, 2012

Caterpillar Solomon Bar (on a clip)

This is a picture tutorial of how to make a Caterpillar Footed Solomon Bar on a clip. I like the neatness and overall cool factor a clip provides to a paracord bracelet (even though the plastic clips aren't as strong as paracord!) and for that reason I like tying with them and showing others how to as well. Once you learn how to incorporate clips it`s very easy to try out different braids with them. 

The Caterpillar Footed Solomon bar is an easy variation of the very popular Solomon Bar or Cobra Stitch that look's great and is very unique.

First step is watch the video by JD of TIAT about how to tie this great braid. Unlike JD I used 7 ft of the camo colored cord and 4 ft of the black. I tied about a 7" bracelet and had more than enough of both colors left over. After you've cut the cord you are ready for the first step in tying.
1. Find the middle of the longer cord (camo) and tie a cow hitch/larks head on one side of the clip.

2. Find the middle of the shorter cord (black) and tie a cow hitch/larks head on the other side of the clip (divided). 
3. Start the longer cord (camo) as JD does in his video. Then pass the shorter cords (black) through the loops.

4. Start tying the braid as JD does. I flipped my bracelet to the underside to tie exactly like JD does.

5. After reaching the desired length run the shorter (black) cord through the cow hitch then cut and singe ends.

6. Cut and singe ends of the longer cord (camo). It should stay in place if you flare the singed ends since it is tied in a square knot.

 This is the difference between the loop and knot version and the clip version. The clip version looks neater and you don't have an uncomfortable ball underneath your wrist.

Thank you for reading and I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions feel free to post or contact me through this email.

Thanks again!