Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Para-cord Duck Call Lanyard

I made my first duck call lanyard for a buddy at N.C. State. He wanted a lanyard to hold 5 calls in black and camo color. I learned a lot from making this lanyard and I've also made changes since this one. The first thing I learned was the design. The design is essentially two stands of para-cord in a snake-bite braid . I started in the middle of the two ropes with a square sinnet knot. This allows the cord to remain strong by not compromising it by cutting and knotting it back together. For the "drops" or nose knots that hold the duck calls I put 2 para-cord strands in the middle of the snakebite braid. This gives more strength to the braid and insures the drop will not break or come apart from the lanyard.

I also try to use each aspect of the rope for something. I've seen others tie onto their lanyards to make drops. My system doesn't rely on knots but rather each cord is made into the lanyard. Also if I cut a piece of rope it has two ends. I try to use both ends by running each out of the lanyard to hold duck calls. I used 3 pieces of rope (so 6 ends) to tie this lanyard.

I've learned a lot since this lanyard that has lead to some design modifications. I use more cord for the "drops" in an effort to let hunters pick up one call at a time without moving the rest of the lanyard. I also make each side one color instead of both sides being both colors. For example on this lanyard one side would be black and the other camo. I'm still learning and updating my design. My hope is to continue branching out with different designs and applications of para-cord.

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