Monday, May 21, 2012

Sinnett Knife Lanyard with clip

This project contains both square and round sinnet braids as well as wall knots. I like this design because it has no weakness, ending and starting with looped paracord. This is possible because I ran the braid over the cord in the middle. That is I started in the middle of two cords with a variation of the square sinnet knot, ran out both loops then started braiding over one of the loops.

This project is also neat because I took the inner cords out of the green cord but left them in the desert sand cord. It worked well and gave it an interesting look compared to either the fully inner-corded or no inner cords. It works well, looks good, and hangs the knife where I want it.
Signing off- TUATKTD


  1. I'm sorry for the bad quality shots I will be working on this soon.

  2. Photo's are fixed back to the correct size.

    Thanks Stormdrane I am inspired by your work and hope to just be a part of the para-cord movement.